10 Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor

In our day to day routine, a doctor is someone whom we frequently visit to get the right medication for ourselves and our families. Our major concern is to avoid any kind of harm to our health and body. For a matter as sensitive as health one cannot trust novice medical practitioners. It is important to find the right doctor for yourself and your family who is not just aware of the family medical history but also has the right type of knowledge to address future problems. Following ten questions will certainly help you know if your doctor is the right one:

1. Has the doctor been to a renowned medical institute for his eduction?

This question primarily throws light on the quality of education, expertise and knowledge of a doctor to treat a particular health problem.

2. Where is the doctor’s clinic situated?

It is always better to know the address of the clinic to ascertain the time and distance required to reach him or her in case of any emergency.

3. Which hospitals does the doctor use?

With this question, you can know if the hospitals (in alliance) are successful and reputed enough to make you feel comfortable on being admitted there for a severe injury.

4. What is the experience of the doctor?

Experience is the best barometer to know the performance efficiency and reputation. The more experienced a doctor the more wise will he be in administering the disease.

5. Which is the place for performing routine x-rays and laboratory studies?

Higher proximity of the laboratory to the doctor’s clinic will mean less wastage of time and immediate analysis of the health of your body.

6. What is the duration of the first visit and the follow-up visits?

In case of a treatment which requires you to visit the doctor frequently and also conduct a follow up on your medical condition this question plays an important role. You will know the amount of time dedicated by the doctor to help you recover faster.

7. How often is the doctor available during weekends?

This is one of the very crucial question which will let you know if you are choosing the right doctor for yourself and your family or not. If a particular doctor is unavailable you can further probe on knowing if another expert will be available at those times.

8. What are the specializations of the doctor?

By knowing the expertise of the doctor, a patient can decide whether the doctor is approachable or not. A pediatric will not be able to understand the neurological problem of an adult as precisely as a neurosurgeon.

9. What is the type of staff available at the clinic?

A clean staff means a healthy environment. The type and availability of the staff will let you ascertain how quickly can you reach a doctor and get an appointment with him.

10. Are the medical records for every patient available to them online or otherwise?

At any point of time when you wish to consult another doctor or your family members for an advise on the medical condition, medical records need to be handy for getting the necessary conclusion.