Blood disease, Symptoms, Treatments

Blood disease- one of the spreading disease worldwide

If you just have a check over the count of people suffering from various health problems you can go on for hours reading the types of diseases and health problems. You must have surely heard about one of the common disease i.e blood disease, which has ruined more than 40% of the masses worldwide. Blood disorder is one of the serious trouble that takes place in some of the vital components present in the blood.

Some of the main parts that get affected due to blood disease are-

Red blood cell- One of the important cell that provides oxygen to the tissues present in the body.

There are tiny white blood cells present in our body that help our body from fighting against various infections.

Last but not the least one platelets that help your body from blood clots.

Plasma which is the liquid part present in our body is also affected severely due to this disease.

Today with the booming science and technology there are number of treatments that are been introduced in the medical world to cure blood disease. There are various kinds of treatments been given to the people as per the changing types in blood diseases.

Symptoms of blood disease

There are no specific symptom for blood disorders as they vary as per the type of blood disease the individual is going through. The symptoms of blood disease can affect in any portion of the body. However, as per research been taken place there are some of the important parts in our body that react over blood disorder at a higher rate.

There will be a decrease in the count of blood cells in the blood. While anemia which is also known as red blood cells might reduce.

On the other hand the count of platelets might decrease.

These are some of the troubles that can be seen in the individuals when the blood disease starts generating in the body gradually.

Common signs of blood disorder

Blood clotting


A rare kind of purple spots gets generated

Chest pain

How can this disease be treated or cured?

The treatment of this disorder is done as per the type and various stage. Today there are various treatment and options given by doctors worldwide to cure this problem.

Some of the common treatments that are been used worldwide are as follows

Bone marrow transplantations

Many of the patients choose for stem cell transplantation

Chemotherapy is also one of the common treatments preferred by people.

Best way to stay always from blood disorder is to drink maximum amount of water. You know why:

Water throws away the waste and toxins that get created inside the blood as well as body.

Increases the quantity of lymph which in turn increases the count of white blood cells in the body. White blood cells not only helps the bone marrow in the right mode at the same time helps the body to function in the best ways.

Water is one of the best medicine to cure any sort of health trouble and disease.