Causes of Snoring and How to Stop it Naturally

Just about every person snoring on some occasions, but if someone snoring on a frequent basis it will affect the sleep of roommates or family members. Snoring can lead to poor sleep, health issues, day fatigue and irritation. If snoring continues then it will affect the personal life too and sleeping in separate bedrooms is not the correct solution.

The causes of snoring

The snoring happens to all persons and when go deep into it you can find the right solutions. Only a sound sleep without any disturbance can avoid snoring. People who often snore has too much throat and nasal tissue that is prone to vibrate. The position of the tongue can also get in the way of smooth breathing.

Snoring happens when the air is not freely coming through the nose and mouth during sleep. A narrow airway comes in the way of smooth breathing and thus develops sound of snoring.

Reasons of snoring

The causes of snoring can happen due to many reasons.

Age is the first factor. As you reach the middle age and beyond, the throat becomes narrow and muscle tone in throat slowly reduces.

The way you are built means men have small air passages than woman and more prone to snore. A narrow throat, a deft palate, enlarged adenoids are the factors for snoring among man.

Nasal and sinus issues. Blocked airways make inhalation difficult and create a vacuum in the throat that will lead to snoring.

Due to overweight. The weight of a person can be a factor to snoring and poor muscle tone adds its bit.

Consuming Alcohol and smoking habits. The persons who are addicted to smoking and drinking habits can cause muscle relaxation that will lead to more snoring.

Sleeping position. Sleeping flat on the bed with back causes the flesh of the throat to relax and block the airway.

How snoring can be cured naturally?

There are by many methods a person can help himself stop snoring. Home remedies and lifestyle changes can go a long way in preventing snoring.

Making changes with living

Lose weight. Shed weight and reduce fatty issue in the throat can certainly reduce or stop snoring.

Exercises can also play a role in reducing or stopping snoring. Doing regular arm exercises on hands and legs can stop snoring.

Give up smoking. The more one gives up smoking the chances of getting snoring again reduce.

Avoid alcohol. sleeping pills. Give up of drinking of alcohol can relax the muscles a bit of throat and interfere with breathing.

Develop good sleeping habits. Develop a culture of going to bed early with the partner and go with an open and good spirit. Don’t think about the day’s work or past.

Bedtime remedies

Clear nasal passages. Try with a Neti pot by naturally and try nasal decongestants and nasal strips to help breathe more easily while sleeping.

Keep bedroom clean with a humidifier. Keep the bedroom in good condition with clean and dry air can irritate the membranes in the nose and throat.

Avoid taking full meals. Go to bed with lighter and healthy food during night and drinking of milk is best.

If snoring happens even after the steps then consulting an ENT surgeon is best.