Generic Levitra, Buy Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) Online Cheap

Generic Levitra, Buy Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) Online Cheap

Generic of Levitra

Generic name of Levitra is Vardenafil. Vardenafil formula was developed by pharmaceutical company Bayer in the late 90s of XX century. Today Vardenafil is proved to be one of the most popular medications for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Before being launched for sale, Vardenafil passed successfully preclinical and clinical studies. The results confirmed high efficacy and safety of this drug in erectile dysfunction treatment.

In 2003, the drug was first approved for use in medical practice. After registration of the generic name of Vardenafil, Bayer registered brand Levitra, which is quickly got worldwide popularity.

Generic name of Levitra – Vardenafil is a unique international name of the pharmaceutical substance. It is recognized and widely known around the world and serves mainly to identify the active ingredient, contained in Levitra and generic versions of Levitra.

Also, generic name of Levitra – Vardenafil is often used in advertisement of medications for erectile dysfunction treatment, and in medical prescriptions. Furthermore, the generic name of Vardenafil may be used as a trade name of meds for ED treatment.

For example, Teva supplies to the US market regular oral tablets of Vardenafil, and Watson – orally dispersible tablets (ODT) of Vardenafil.

Medications for erectile dysfunction treatment, sold under the generic name of Vardenafil, are cheaper than original Levitra pills. It makes them affordable to a greater number of men with ED.

Drugs manufactured under the generic name of Levitra – Vardenafil are not inferior to the original drug in their efficacy, tolerability and safety. They have the same therapeutic properties, but cost much cheaper than branded Levitra pills.

If you plan to buy pills for erectile dysfunction treatment at the lowest price, probably they can be found in your city under the generic name of Levitra – Vardenafil.

It should be noted that Vardenafil manufactured by Bayer is sold not only under the trade name of Levitra. In Canada, Vardenafil pills from Bayer are available under the brand of Staxyn, and in Europe – under the brand name of Vivanza.

The active ingredient for Vivanza, Levitra and Staxyn is manufactured under the same technology. Therefore, these drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment have similar safety profile and efficacy.